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4 Corners True X Total Vapor TrailKelsey Dowell, a long distance pro endurance rider, will attempt to ride 10,000 miles in 10 days to raise 20K. 100% of all donations will be given to the Smoky Mountain Children’s Home.

Donations will help ensure that the children will have a wonderful Christmas.

Kelsey will start his 4corners ride the week of October 14th in Madawaska ME (the northeastern most point of the US).

He will ride down to Lebanon KS (center of the US), then up to Blaine WA (northeastern most point of the US).
Then, he will ride back down to Lebanon KS and head on to San Ysidro CA (southeastern most point of the US), and back up to Lebanon KS.
Then he heads for Key West FL (southern most point of the US) to finish.
One of the stops along the way will be the 4 corners monument that links 4 states together ; Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona.

All that in 10 days. We ask that you consider donating in support of the kids. Your donation of a penny per mile would be awesome.

Mark your calendar for the week of October 14th. Visit http://legendsrally.com/ where you can follow Kelsey LIVE by clicking on TRACKING!

Watch Kelsey tour 4 corners of the US, using his US Fleet tracking system. His tracker will show up 24/7 as he rides a 4corner route for the Smoky Mountain Children’s Home.

The final departure date for his ride has not been officially set. Yet, were are determined it will start no later than Oct 16th.

Continue to check back on the Facebook events page for updates.

We are asking for a donation of a penny a mile but encourage those that can to go for 2 cents and more if you can raise that.
Maybe you can’t afford $100 yourself, but possibly you and some coworkers could pitch in together and give or your fellow church members.
Let’s make sure these kids have a great Christmas!

You can learn more about Smoky Mountain Children’s Home by visiting http://smch.org

100% of your donations will be given to Smoky Mountain Children’s Home.

Smoky Mountain Children’s Home opened it’s doors in 1920 and is located Cleveland TN. They provide care for at risk children and teens through Residential Care and Foster Care programs. Using several programs and structured group living, the Smoky Mountain Children’s Home provides a continuum of care tailored for each residents needs.
Creating a safe and supportive environment for each resident to discover their talents, and build on their strengths. Each resident has the opportunity to overcome the circumstances of their past while exploring a world of opportunity for their future.
Thank you for your support of this event!
From all of us at Team Drift

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