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My name is Kelsey Dowell and I am a long distance endurance rider. I am 43 years old and have been riding motorcycles for 37 yrs. I have successfully completed numerous endurance challenges. In 2011 I entered the Hoka Hey motorcycle challenge and what was thought to be just over 10,000 miles. In all, I rode 14,500 miles in approximately 17 days. This was the hardest ride I have ever done.  I did this ride on my 2006 Dyna Streetbob. No cruise, no air-ride shocks, just a stripped down Harley.   I finished 17th place in the overall standings. This challenge did make me realize what I was made of; guts and determination, that’s what it takes to be able to be a finisher in any long distance endurance challenge. I traded my bobber on Sept 3rd2012 when I returned from Nova Scotia. Esmeralda had 64,400 miles on her and she was just worn out. I traded for a 2012 Roadglide with 20 rolls on the odometer.

In June 2012 I entered the American Motorcycle Rally. Having 20,000 miles on Charlotte in 9 months and one LDEC under my belt, I felt ready to take on the most elite riders known to this sport. Without a navigation team or a cell phone that had signal outside of any major city, I soon found out I was underequipped. I did take on the challenge and came in second in points at 39,500 and had ridden the most miles of all competitors. In six and half days I had managed to ride 8,170 miles. What a ride!!!

Since that time I have entered into some weekend challenges and have become very good at these competitions. Please go to http://legendsrally.com/ to veiw the catagories on their page.

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Kelsey Dowell/Team Drift

My journey continues……….

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